Plastic Learning

We never stop learning. The brain is plastic, ever-changing.

what is plastic learning?

Jordan Jankus created Plastic Learning to promote Lifelong Learning opportunities for people with cognitive disabilities. As the father of an adult daughter with developmental and cognitive disabilities, Jordan has experienced that while health and safety are the first priority of caregivers, steps to encourage learning and independence sometimes are overlooked, especially in the adult world of long-term care supports.

Whatever the cause of a cognitive disability – cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia – the brain has incredible resources to change and adapt.

We all learn at a different pace, but each day we are learning.  Jordan remembers the morning when he was waiting with his daughter, Jessica, for the ParaTransit bus to take her to her day program.  She was in her twenties and across from their driveway was a stop sign.  Jessica looked at the sign and said “S-T-O-P STOP!” That was the first time she had independently read something. Possibilities abound in this world.

Plastic Learning is meant to inspire us to live the truth that our empathy, care, imagination and tools, like everyday personal technology, can combine to provide everyone with opportunities for Lifelong Learning.

About Jordan

In addition to being the father of two wonderful human beings, Jordan has worked in the field of serving people with developmental and cognitive disabilities for over 20 years.  He has served in various roles, as a vocational coach, case-manager, advocate and personal technology specialist. 

Jordan has a master’s in public health from New York Medical College, a Certificate in Assistive Technology from that same institution and has conducted many workshops at state and national conferences. He resides with his wife in the beautiful Green Mountain State of Vermont in a house much older than himself.